DSLR-Video Microphone Kit

QVIDEO-KIT DSLR-Video Microphone Kit*

Built around our Mini Shotgun Microphone, the QVIDEO-KIT includes all the accessories needed for lightweight on-camera mini shotgun style audio capture for DSLR cameras and HD video camcorders.

*each product includes:
QMSG1 Mini Shotgun Microphone w/windscreen and carry case
QSM1 Shockmount for Mini Shotgun Microphone
QM1 Run And Gun Cold Shoe Adapter
QM2 High Quality Cold Shoe Adapter w/adjustable gimbal
QSM4 Rubber Shock Absorber (can be used between mini shock mount and cold shoe)
QCBL6 30cm Curly Cable – Q Compact Thread (m) to Q Compact Thread (m), black
QWJ1 The original WOMBAT Fluffy Wind Muff for Mini Shotgun Microphone
DAAD TRL Q Compact Thread (f) to TRS 3.5mm (m)
QBA2 AG4 1.5V Batteries (pair)

Watch the Q DSLR-Video Kit & Q Sniper Kit Video Manual…